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Clan names are included as it's part of a civil war of the dwarven nation + It's useful for newer dwarves when writing their applications. -Zezimus

I added Clan Frostbeard (Urguan Loyalists) cause their was some Frostbeards who stayed loyal to Urguan -Lego

We also had Ironguts and Irehearts on both sides, I'm just keeping it to the main branch of the clans, otherwise it'll complicate things. -Zezimus

This was never a civil war, quit changing it @lego @burnsy -raomir

It was a dwarven civil war. Both sides were united. This happened after you, Raomir, declared independence from Urguan - TJB_Minecraft

By the time the war had started, Kaz'Ulrah was already a recognized sovereign nation by Urguan, having been recognized by Grand King Gror Ireheart in the aftermath of King Philips War. The "Fourth" rebellion would have been when the Frostbeards battled with the Romstuns in King Philips War. -Raomir

Is there any proof of this recognition because I don't think there was any. I remember the war starting straight after you kicked me out the frostbeard clan. -TJB_Minecraft

You are mistaking wars. The war that started after you were kicked out was King Philip's war against the Romstuns. Urguan allied with Oren, but the Frostbeards refused to fight with Oren and so they declared independence from Urguan in order to help fight with the Romstuns. This would be the "Fourth Rebellion". If you scroll down to MCPancake's response you'll see he recognized our independence in the aftermath of this battle. Here is a gyazo -Raomir

To make things fair since both sides arguing about what many dwarves call it which is the Fourth Frostbeard Rebellion I beg for it to remain as it is currently. Which is stating that the war name is called the War of the Beards though many dwarves call it the Fourth Frostbeard Rebellion as that is true in roleplay currently and was has been even after the war was over. Thank you for your time, and if you have any issues upon this I recommend speaking with one of the wiki team managers or the director on discord which you can find in the LoTC main one. - Lego

The argument is over, I provided more than enough proof to back my point. What people call it in RP is one thing, but the wiki is for OOC facts, which we know to be facts from an OOC standpoint. -Raomir

Raomir, two things. 1. The wiki is for RP events if a large majority of people call it the Fourth Frostbeard Rebellion, which I haven't heard anyone call it, then it is. 2. Legoboy is a WT member so his words are final are they not?. -TJB