Talus Grove Settlement Guide

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Talus Grove
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The Talus Grove is inhabited by the Mother Circle of the Druidic Order, though all Druids may call it home. It is grown into the rise of scree upon a fork in the South-West running river and despite the dry savanna-like climate, the Grove itself is lush with hardy shrubs, bushes, and trees. The Grove serves as a place to teach aspiring and young Druids, as well as a base of operations from which Druids conduct their vigil over nature.

Current Leaders: Autumn Druid Nivndil Duskhollow, Scorpion Druid Elenora Zytiaear ,HedgeHog Druid Harlod Withfoot •

Notable information & Places
  • Festival grounds~which host a small marketplace, bank and auction services and will find the area decorated for events such as weddings or other frivolities.
  • Pine Druid's swamp~while hugging the cliff-face brings visitors to the plant nursery.
  • Elder Tree Elanwéya~sings in a gentle breeze and houses the Grove's tavern, library, infirmary, Dedicant bunks and Archdruid offices, while housing is spread around the inner and outer Grove.
  • Druidic Library~hey cover a range of topics, such as lore, poems and recipes. Some are manuals or compilations of sayings. All books of the Inner Library talk about Druids, are written by Druids, or concern Druids and their ways... or they include mushrooms. Books remaining in the Outer Library are either outdated works involving Druids, or do not pertain to Druidism at all, but have been deemed works great enough to be presented in our Library.
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Religon Faith is an individual matter between Druids. Some worship the Aspects as Gods of Nature, and others have a more casual relationship, particularly those who are not Wood Elves. Dwarven Druids for example may interpret the Aspects as servants of Anbella. Religion isn't an enforced matter as such. All Druids however, recognise that to serve the Balance of Nature and ensure it is protected and healed when necessary, is a higher purpose worth fighting for.