Bandit War

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The Bandit War
Skirmish on Curon bridge c.1664
Date: 1664-1668
Location: Reiver Territory
Result: Renatus-Marna temporarily removes the Reivers from the yodeling crossroads.
The Crown of Renatus-Marna
renatus.png Crown of Renatus-Marna
Silversteed COA.png Barony of Arbor
The Reivers:
Reiver Crest.png Reivers
Commanders and leaders
The Crown of Renatus-Marna:
renatus.png Aurelius I, King of Renatus-Marna
Silversteed COA.png Aragon I of Arbor
The Reivers:
Lonan Daemyr


Major Confrontations


  • 1664:
    • The Barony of Arbor officially declares war on the Reivers with plans to eradicate them from the yodeling crossroads.
  • 1665:
    • The whole of Renatus joins and takes lead as the attackers as a result of the Common Sense Act signed little before the upcoming siege.
    • The armies of Renatus reinforce Arbor at Small Tower and proceed to siege the tower. The battle ensues for some time before Reivers and fishmongers alike sally out to engage the Renatian army. Outnumbered two to one, the Battle of Small Tower ended in a victory for the Reivers.
  • 1667
    • The Anti-Renatian Alliance is formed between the Kingdom of Courland and the Reivers.
    • The defeat at the hands of the Reivers prompts Renatus to march down South again. A following skirmish results between the remaining Reiver forces and Renatus. Failure to be reinforced in time by Courland results in a demoralizing loss for the Reivers.
  • 1668
    • The Reiver tower is destroyed by a wild cockatrice, thus resulting in the dispersing of the bandits.
    • Failure to receive Courlandic aid in a reasonable time results in the Renatian armies marching forth to occupy the land once inhabited by the Reivers. Consequently, the four year war eventually comes to an end, with Renatus and their various allies the victors.