The Cloud Temple

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The Cloud Temple of Athera.

The Cloud Temple is a safe, peaceful location in which all souls begin their journey. The Wilven Sanctuary Monks live within the Cloud Temple, providing aid and assistance to all those in need. No crimes or atrocities can be committed within the Cloud Temple due to the Monk's magic, creating a secure location where all are welcome. The Monks are known for providing healing services and resurrecting souls which have perished in the realm.


The Cloud Temple or some form of it has existed in all the realms that the descendants have visited. Either being a complete temple or simply a small camp of the Monks, the Temple has provided a place of peace a refuge and healing for as long as anybody can remember.
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Location event

Numerous historical events have taken place at the Cloud Temples, including great battles and the transition to new lands.
Some notable events are:


The Cloud Temple is generally located centrally in the realm to allow easier access to important locations, although this is not always true due to the convenience of the Cloud Temple Docks in some realms.


The Cloud Temple is the starting location for all new souls, making it a key spot in the realm. In addition, the Monks' ability to resurrect souls allows for the continuation of life even when a person dies (although they will not remember the events leading up to their death). The Cloud Temple is where everything begins for a new soul, and thus is very important in their journey to learning the ways of the realm.

Cloud Temple Docks

The Cloud Temple Docks of Axios


The Cloud Temple Docks were as inevitable as the roads themselves leading from the Cloud Temple. With such an influx of people arriving and departing from the Cloud Temple at all times, docks were constructed near the temple to assure access to the Temple from any racial settlement, or vice versa. The docks soon became a place of peaceful exchange, an aura of serenity pooling from the nearby temple, allowing all the races to travel between the docks without fear of conflict.


Stumbling upon the nearby body of water outside the temple, many fledgling sailors, peons and foreman began work at creating the Docks, the central hub of commerce within the region. Gathering from the bountiful supply of nearby resources, the docks were finished remarkably fast, filling with racial ships of all sizes and intentions shortly thereafter.


Cloud Temple of Axios

The docks rest upon a calm shore near the busy waters of commerce and travel, boats crossing to and fro as the people of the realm go about their daily activities. The land surrounding the docks consists of a bountiful forest, sprawling with all the lumber the docks could ever require for routine boat maintenance and crafting. The rich, fertile soil of the forest provides the occasional traveler and monk with all the food they could require, the monks often having such excess that they offer it charitably to hungry travelers that make their way through the docks.


The docks are the central hub of the realm, offering free travel, food, and interaction with other people to any and all whom make their way there. Beyond that, all whom awake at the Cloud Temple will often stumble upon the docks thereafter, meaning the docks offer many people their first impression upon the realm.

The docks potentially offer the safest means of travel in the realm, to this day no boat departing from the docks has wrecked!