The Elder Tree

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It is said there was a great forest. It was mighty and bountiful, filled with life and nature flourished. The wildlife stirred, and the trees swayed in the wind, and the Druids sang songs beneath the canopy.

Greater still, are the tales of the trees flourishing here. Strong, mighty, and protected. It is said that the oldest tree of the forest had sprung them from its own seeds, and within its trunk its mind began to flourish. Some say that Cernunnos and Cerridwen slept beneath the tree in their travels to bless the land. Still some say these trees were the Aspects themselves in different form. Still, whatever the reason, something sparked thought beneath the bark, and the trees ascended into something more than just wood and leaf.

And so after many millennia, these trees older than time became Elder, and gave wisdom to the Druii, and protected their forests with their Ent children. Some have given prophecies that were granted to them by the Aspects. Others served as homes for great groves, some even as cities.


To speak with an Elder Tree is a rare and wonderful privilege. Cherish it, for the Aspects have deemed you special to hear such wisdoms.

~Druii’ithirn, Arcanum of Ancient Secrets

Elder Trees are ancient trees that have come to sentience. They are powerful entities filled with Druidic Energies. Throughout time they have offered wisdom to the Druids, or housed their groves.

However, one of the notable things about Elder Trees is their ability to create Ents. Incredibly powerful, massive, very hard to kill creatures that guard the forest in all their ferocity.

Elder Trees are incredibly old, and usually very very large, nearly always the tallest trees in the forest by far. In most cases they are also the mother tree of the forest, meaning the forest sprung from them.

These trees are very few, sprouting across the world rarely. Wise Druids claim there to be three within Anthos. They are....

En’leawyn, Elder Tree of the Druids

Elt’irigin, Elder Tree of the West

Bouri’juin, Elder Tree of the South

Although, one can never is said things can occur when you least expect them. Wise Druids do not count out the possibility of more living in the land.