The Verge

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The Verge was a minor realm discovered by the Wandering Wizard. A portal to it was created outside the Cloud Temple of Aegis, near the Prince's Road. Some Aegeans moved there and established settlements, although others were put off by the hostile environment. Following the Fall of Aegis to the Undead the survivors fled through the portal into the Verge, where they took ships to reach Asulon.


The Temple of the Verge was an old ruin where the portal to Aegis was located. The Temple was a large and ancient stone structure. It contained several libraries, small rooms and a winding staircase. The surface of the Verge was similar to that of Aegis, but there were some differences. Oceans were larger and deeper, large canyons were more abundant and swamps existed in great numbers. There were numerous settlements, forts and towns scattered throughout the land.


"I have heard your pleas, my fellow citizens of Aegis. Times are dark, but there is hope yet. I have opened a portal to a faraway island that I discovered during my travels - The Verge. Perhaps Aegis shall find the answer to its troubles there. Go forth and explore these new lands, and may good fortune come to you all." - The Wandering Wizard

A portal to the Verge has been created! The Wizard has granted us access to a strange and mysterious island. An expedition of Druids have already set foot there, opening up a small hospitality base for all those who possess the courage to chart these new lands. Will the Verge provide us with saviours and blessings as hinted by the Wizard? Or will this fresh territory simply create more conflict and strife? Only time will tell…

Following the Destruction of Aegis all those who survived Iblees' wrath fled to the Verge for safety as Aegis collapsed. There, many nations, groups and individuals built ships of varying sizes to sail to the new land of Asulon. When the ships left no one remained in the Verge, and it became as quiet as Aegis.


Cities and Settlements

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