Thoromir II Ruric

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Thoromir II Ruric
Thoromir II Ruric?.jpg
Earl of Nordengrad
Reign: 1674-1687
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Jorvik I Rorik
Born: 9th of the Deep Cold, 1654
Ruriksgrad, Norland
Death: 14th of the The First Seed, 1687
Nordengrad, Norland
Spouse: Valencia Mournstone
House: Ruric
Father: Exander Ruric, son of Arthas Ruric
Mother: Unknown

Thoromir Ruric also known as Thoromir II of the House Ruric was the first reigning Earl of Nordengrad, establishing Nordengrad twelve years after the dissolution of the Kingdom of Norland. He's reigned from 1674 to the year 1687, where he was unfortunately slain in his own holdfast during a duel against Kenswey Fiscere.


Early Life

Thoromir was born in 1654, a few years before the dissolution of Norland during the Atlas Coalition War. Thoromir before the Siege of Ruriksgrad, was ordered to flee alongside a large amount of woman and childern from the city, to avoid death, leaving the majority of the able bodied men to stay behind and fight. Thoromir was struct with sadness and dispair after the unfourtunate slaughter of his people, he vowed that he would bring back the Rurikid in a position of power, he spent many years mastering the art of sword, axe, and horemenship. Until finally ready he set out alongside his Cousin Torsten Ruric, and a brilliant designer known as Ellenora, they layed out the plans of construction for the town, and dubbed it the name Nordengrad. Many of the surviving Norlandic folk flocked to the city, allowing it to quickly amass a large population, Thoromir had to construct several hovels on the outskirts of the town to avoid over population.

Middle Life

Thoromir having quickly brought back the Rurics into a place of power had amassed a small peasantry army known as the Red Brothers, which was only in tact for a few years before leading to the act of only having Clan Levys. During a small court session Thoromir recieved a letter from an Imperial Messanger, saying that the Emperor has requested a meeting with the Ruric, this brough great unrest in his council, many beliving it was a trap set out by the Emperor, Thoromir ignoring the council, set out with a large Norlandic force to meet with the Emperor, at the end of the meeting Thoromir remained strong to his values and tradition, but eventually vassalized under the Empire, thus marking Nordengrad has an offical vassal state of the Empire of Man. Thoromir would return to Nordengrad to get unrest, many plotted rebellion, as they refused to go under supposed tyrants. Thoromir pleaded with them and informed them that everything would be alright, and nothing would change. With becoming a new vassal, Thoromir set out with his council to greet other Imperial States, as an offering as friendship and peace. After a few months the unrest settled down in Nordengrad, leading to a few more years of prosperity. Years after, many disagreed with what Thoromir was doing, beliving he was trying to retain as much power as possible, so he would have the overall vote, Nordengrad was beginning to go into shambles, as a possibilty of rebellion was brewing in the air, after many talks with the lords and his council members, they eventually came out towards an agreement, whereas Thoromir would agree to elect a council based on skillset, rather then people who are most loyal to him, he would allow Clans to figure out their own disputes.


During a meeting in the Ruric Hall, Thoromir challenged Kenswey Fiscere to a duel, swearing on the all father that he would fight and end the Fisceres life due to his supposed lack of respect during the meeting, although many argue to this day that Thoromir wanted to take his own life already due to all the stress he was under, they began a fierce duel, for the longest time it remained close, until Thoromir misread Kensweys attack and tripped over a average sized stone, falling back and slamming his head on a yet larger rock this blow would end the life of Thoromir Ruric.

Notable Feats

  • Earl of Nordengrad

Reigned as Earl of Nordengrad, successfully re-unifying the Norlandic people after the disastrous defeat in the Atlas Coalition War


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Donovan II Ruric 1681 Alive Unwed Firstborn son of Thoromir Ruric
Valeria Ruric 1686 Alive Unwed Firstborn Daughter of Thoromir Ruric