Treaty of Laureh'lin

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Treaty of 1548


As written by Artimec Camoryn, Kelthran, Tristin Tresery, Valens Ith’ael, and Dak’ir Des’Nox.

  • The Silver State of Haelun’or, the Principality of Laureh’lin, and the Onyx Enclave of Ebonglade hereby agree to join in union as one political entity comprised of three nations: The Dominion of Malin.
  • The King of the Mali will be chosen by a unanimous vote of the Ruling Council, on which shall sit a representative from each signatory. They shall constitute a ruling council beneath the sovereignty of the King. The first reigning King of the Mali shall subsequently be Tristin Tresery, Prince of Laureh’lin.
  • The Royal Council will be comprised of three pure-blooded elves with one representing each elven race. Each Councillor will be appointed by the domestic government of the race they represent.
  • To be eligible for appointment, the King of the Mali must be wholly born of pure, unmixed elven blood.
  • The King of the Mali may only be impeached if so decreed by the unanimous vote of entirety of the Ruling Council, or by a successful referendum off all the peoples.
  • The King of the Mali has power to exert executive orders to take effect over all lands of Mali and unless vetoed by two members of the Ruling Council.
  • During times of war, crisis, or emergency, the King has executive authority to run any member state directly unless vetoed by two thirds of the Ruling Council.
  • Laws to preside over all three signatory states may be proposed by any member of the Ruling Council and must be approved and ratified by the King. A King’s law can be repealed or vetoed by a vote if two thirds of the Ruling Council or if a signatory state puts forth a successful referendum of their people. The disputed law will remain in effect until this referendum is complete
  • The Sovereign Government of the Dominion will recognize each signatory’s right to govern their own domestic affairs. These include but are not limited to; taxation, citizenship, trade, judiciaries, and domestic law so long as it does not contradict the Dominion’s law.
  • Any signatory which directly and intentionally provokes a state of open conflict with a foreign entity without the complete affirmation and backing of its fellow signatories shall be expelled from the Dominion and shall have all protections levied upon them rendered null and void.
  • All signatories are bound to assist the Holy Empire of Oren in time of war as under contract per military protectorate.
  • Any artifacts found to be in the possession of a signatory which are of cultural or historical significance to any other signatory may be delivered into the hands of the signatory which does so claim the aforementioned significance. The signatory must present their case to the Ruling Council, of which two thirds vote are required for the transfer of the artifact to be declared legally prescribed.
  • Any citizen of a signatory facing the accusation of a crime within the legal domain of another signatory will be extradited in order to face fair trial and judgement under the laws of the respective signatory. Should a state refuse to extradite a criminal the King of the Mali has the authority to overrule them, else have the case heard by a court consisting of the King and each member of the Ruling Council.
  • A member of the Ruling Council may be removed by the King if said member is publicly making acts of treason against the Dominion or acting in an openly rebellious manner against the Dominion.
  • Meetings the Ruling Council will occur in the capital cities of each signatory state in alternating order of: Haelun’or, Laureh’lin, Ebonglade
  • The Principality of Laureh’lin shall openly acknowledge the genocide waged against the Silver State of Haelun’or and her denizens by Phaedrus Lli'hileia, and offer a formal apologize denouncing the aforementioned person’s unethical and immoral crimes against the Mali’aheral. Ten thousand minas will be paid in reparations as a sign of good faith.
  • The Silver State of Haelun’or shall in turn openly acknowledge and denounce the late Kalenz Uradir’s abhorrent treatment and subsequently the subjugation of the Mali’ame and Mali’ker peoples. The Silver State of Haelun’or shall acknowledge the crimes carried out by the organization known as E.T.H.I.C.

Enacted this 16th day of Malin’s Welcome, 1548

Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or with approval of the Hieal’thilln;


Prince of the Principality of Laureh’lin; and


Primarch of the Onyx Enclave of Ebonglade.


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