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The Treebeards are not known for their phenomenal prowess in combat nor do they excel in being merchants. The Treebeards are simply known for trying to get the most out of life, living in luxury and making sure their mugs are always filled to the brim. The Treebeards show great respect and compassion for one another, ready to lend a helping hand in whatever the activity may be. Although they will never forget their ancient history with their mountain-dwelling cousins, they still show respect to them, even if they fail to return it. As the original forest dwarf clan, the Treebeards can trace their lineage back to the seventh son of Urguan, Gloin Treebeard.


The Treebeards get their name from their great ancestor Gloin Treebeard who was said to have had a connection with nature and was a devote worshiper of Anbella unlike the rest of his family. It is said that since his brothers took their names from the great deeds or talents they possessed like Grandaxe and Irongut, Gloin thought of a name, Treebeard. He took his clan and settled in the woodlands resulting in the subrace now known as forest dwarfs. After living in the forests for a time, many Treebeards returned to the mountains finding themselves unfit to live in the forests in wooden huts and cottages. Whilst many ended up back home in the mountains, the remaining Treebeards left for the elven forests where they settled peacefully in wooden huts and villages above the surface and on top the trees. After living there for a time, some Treebeards found themselves influenced by the elves resulting in some taking to the Aspects the elven religion and even fewer becoming druids.

After hundreds of years living in the forests, the Treebeards became scattered across the woodlands of the world, resulting in the clan becoming mixed with other sub races and giving rise to mix breeds with the name Treebeard. With many Treebeards becoming mixed, it was rare to find a pure blooded Treebeard. As the Treebeards kept to their forests they became disconnected from the world and dwarven politics, and slowly as time passed they dwindled and disappeared, some hiding in their forests while others ventured into the far reaches of the world.


During the time of Atlas the Treebeards emerged within the lands of the Kingdom of Agnarum founded a small shrine to Anbella under the guidance of Ozneat Treebeard who brought back the clan itself under a more religious influence casting out the ideas of druidism and brought pro Anbella, leading to the the Treebeards adopting a life style of peace and silence isolated upon the mountain tops of the Kingdom of Agnarum. The clan would then join up with there other Forest Dwarf kin known as the Cottonwoods with this unification the Hefrumm was formed where the Treebeards stayed and oversaw the activities of there younger kin and guide them through there religious enquiries.



Gloin Treebeard

The Appearance of any Treebeard is the same as all Forest Dwarves. Ranging of heights of 4,0 - 5,0ft weighing at 150 - 250lbs. Mostly wearing clothing of green and browns, eyes shades of different variants of green, hair ranging from dark browns to dark gingers.


The Religion of the Treebeards is heavily based around The Brathmordakin, most importantly the Hearth Mother Anbella. Of times of old the Treebeards once followed the religion of the Aspects and of The Brathmordakin however, since the new reformation of the Treebeards they have only accepted the worship of The Brathmordakin.


As of recent years under the new influence of Ozneat Treebeard the Treebeards have become more understanding of the conflicts around them always choosing the path of neutrality rather then causing attacks upon other clans however, this doesn't make the Treebeards weak there military strength relies on one talented tactician who leads the clan into defensive battle if needed against other clans of dwarves. The Treebeards will always remain neutral until attacked which is when they surprise most clans in there effectiveness and mindset.


The Treebeard hold no trials for there clan is one of a bloodline if a Forest Dwarf is born that child is automatically a Treebeard by birth unless he or she wishes to branch of to other Forest Dwarf clans this is most notably what happened to the Forest Dwarf clan known as Cottonwoods


The leadership of the Treebeards is very similar then other Forest Dwarf clans where they have one to rule them all, the name for this are as followed, High Elder, Clan Father and Clan Chief all meaning the same thing to the Treebeards. The Treebeards are also governed by the Chief and the elders appointed by the chief in every matter of which is needed to discuss.