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=== Introduction ===
=== Unsound Mages, Eyes of Oshoggdos ===
== Subtitle ==
== Subtitle ==

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Please note: The following information is scarcely known. As such, you cannot assume to be aware of this information unless taught about it in-character.

Unsound Mages, Eyes of Oshoggdos






Unsound Magic is a [1] Slot Voidal Magic, given to Descendants by the Voidal Behemoth Oshoggdos’chlubb. It functions through a forged connection between the users of Unsound Magic and the Behemoth itself, allowing for various effects to be performed through the exercising of such. All of it comes at a great price, however.

To learn this magic is a similar process to any other void magic, with one simple change. That being, when forming your connection to Unsound Magic, you must reach out with your mind through the infinite expanse of chaos in search of the great Behemoth. Should they take note of your presence, they will form a connection with you. Oshoggdos will push through the teacher’s figure in the form of condensed and congealed mana. From there, the mana would flow into the student’s chest, where the aspiring Unsound Mage would begin feeling overwhelmed with a flurry of sensory overload whilst the first splotch of dark taint would appear on the center of one’s body, and the student's connection to the void would be distorted... now centered on the behemoth.

For more information, please see the forum page for this lore, found here: LINK