Urir Ireheart

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Urir, Paragon
Revered Paragon Urir, The Bane of the Undead, Axe of Krug in hand
Patron: Dungrimm
Spouse: Unknown
Clan: Ireheart
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Issue: The Doomforged

Urir Ireheart or Paragon Urir Ireheart was the patriarch of the Clan Ireheart. During the Nexus Crisis before the destruction of Aegis, Urir Ireheart headed into the Nether alongside Kjell Ireheart and Valen Grandaxe with the Axe of Krug to confront Iblees. His sacrificial efforts saved the descendant races from destruction and allowed their safe escape to the Verge. Due to his sacrifice, he is revered in Dwarven Culture as the Paragon of Sacrifice, and exemplifies honor and camaraderie. His patron is Dungrimm, Lord of War.


Character and Personality

Death and Legacy