Vanderlise van Rothchild

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Vanderlise van Rothchild
House Casillas
Portrait of Vanderlise, 1651
Born: 1624
Death: -
Titles: Countess of Mehran, Baroness of Highgarden, Lord Marshal of Santegia
Religion: Canonism
Predecessor: Ceona af Vertilla

Vanderlise van Rothchild was born in 1624, on a 'Deep Cold' Night in Haense, to her mother, Marie van Rothchild and father, Ivar van Rothchild. Immediately at birth, it was apparent she had taken her family's traditional bleak, blonde hair.

Early Life

As a child Vanderlise and her family of eight lived in a large manor House in Santegia, here they would remain absent from court and away from other nobles. From an early age, many noticed Vanderlise's attraction to nature, her blue-blooded eyes abstractly enjoying the simplicities provided some miles from her quiet, busy-city life. Luckily, to suffice her very large family, Vanderlise came from a line of extremely wealthy predecessors, and because of such did not have to worry about the clothes she wore or the jewels she adorned. As a child she grew very fond of her brother (Markolf van Rothchild), even more so her two sisters: Charlotte and Carolina. Sometimes they would sneak out of the house and go by stalls to purchase bread rolls and cakes. All the while her relative distance cousin, Ceona Vertilla made preparations to her then county and dealt with the ordeals of Thomas Tarsington-Keint. Often they would have family events and at the time Ceona and Vanderlise developed a somewhat pleasant connection. Vanderlise, however, knew of the horrid things Ceona did and best tried to avoid her with help from her parents.

Teenage Years


County of Estrela

By the time Vanderlise was about sixteen years of age, it had become clear Ceona was to leave her County, Barony and further wealth to one of the Rothchilds. Although this succession act was not thought to have come so soon, Ceona Vertilla was brutishly murdered by her own Stepson; the will she had written only a year before was released, clearly stating all of Ceona's fortunes, land and titles were to be handed down to Vanderlise van Rothchild. At the time of this infamous tragedy, Vanderlise was away abroad on holiday and only came to know of her new role as Countess when she arrived from Haria. Thrilled, though ultimately saddened Vanderlise got to work instantaneously.


Close Relatives

Marie van Rothchild (Mother)

Ivar van Rothchild (Father)

Carolina van Rothchild (Sister)

Charlotte van Rothchild (Sister)

Markolf (Brother)

Olgierd van Rothchild (Uncle)

Ludolf van Rothchild (Cousin)

Rosswald van Rothchild (Cousin)

Distant Relatives

Gonzalo de Castro (Cousin by Law)

Louis Castrov (Step-Cousin, Once Removed)

Arianna Castrov (Step Cousin, Twice Removed)

Nikolous Castrov (Step Cosuin, Twice Removed)


"You see, I was born with a silver spoon shoved down my throat. It's quite nice to know I have been privileged my entire life, though often times it's quite repressing." - 1654, Malin's Welcome