Victoria Vientos

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Victoria I, Princess of Ostwick
Princess of Ostwick
Reign: 1715-1716
Predecessor: Isabella I Horen-Preussens
Successor: Tristan I Vientos
Born: 15th of the Sun’s Smile, 1600
Ostwick, Lorraine , Lotharingia
Death: 21st of the Deep Cold, 1716
(1) Artyom Ruric (Annulled)
(2) Rickard Kovachev
House: Vientos
Father: William 'Oan' Fletcher
Mother: Anna I of Lotharingia

Victoria Maria Vientos (15th of the Sun’s Smile, 1600 - 21st of the Deep Cold, 1716) was a member of the The Ascended Order and the titular-Princess of Ostwick. Born to Queen Anna of Lotharingia, Victoria lived in Kaer Ostwick until the murder of her mother, after which being taken to Delaselva Vientos Detiempo to seek refuge. He later adopted the orphaned girl, Victoria taking his name of 'Vientos' and becoming his daughter. She also briefly served as Queen-Consort of Norland, as wife of Artyom Ruric, before his abdication a year after their marriage.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Selina Vientos 1619 1665 Elias of Venerra Firstborn daughter to then-King Artyom Ruric and Victoria Vientos. Married into the Princely House of Grimm in Aeldin during her early years.
Delaselva Vientos 1623 1623 Myranda Briarwood Secondborn child to Artyom and Victoria, a younger sibling to Selina.
Alastrine, Baroness of Mehran 1675 Missing Angelo de Alba Daughter to Victoria and her second husband, Duke Rickard Kovachev.
Prince Tristan of Ostwick 1711 Alive Victoria of Marna Son to Victoria and Rickard, their only son.