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Painting of Vrogak'Gorkil, Unknown 1512
Rex of the Orcs during Elysium, Kalos & Anthos, Athera, and the beginning of Vailor before his death.

Vrogak'Gorkil has been the longest reigning Rex of the Orcs, reigning on two separate terms he is known for revolutionizing the Orcish Society and reviving Orc Culture.


Rex Sharku'Gorkil assigned Vrogak'Gorkil as his Targoth, during the time the controversial and disputed rule of Sharku'Gorkil was met with two consecutive rebellions by the Ugluks and Braduks.

Targoth Vrogak'Gorkil was given the responsibility of ending these rebellions. Defeating the Ugluks in the Battle of the Harbour, subsequently leading to the surrender of the Ugluks. Vrogak'Gorkil was then charged with defeating the Braduks, a fierce and powerful clan in their own right, Vrogak'Gorkil led 10,000 Orcs around the mountain in a two-day march and defeated the Braduks without any losses as a rain of arrows fell upon the Braduks from the mountains. This led to the surrender of the Braduks.

Braduk Surrender

After the defeat at the Braduk Fort the Braduks surrendered to Targoth Vrogak'Gorkil, however their official surrender was meant to be to the Rex, Sharku'Gorkil. The Braduks refused and surrendered only to Vrogak'Gorkil, to whom their loyalty was fierce after the defeat.

Achieving Rex

After the Braduks refused to surrender to the Rex, it was transparent that the reign of Sharku'Gorkil had failed. The eligible leader in his stead was only Vrogak'Gorkil. A proven battle commander, a fierce leader. Upon achieving Rex, Vrogak'Gorkil immediately decided to expel all of the Kharajyr living in Orc Lands, their failure to pay tribute and the lack of honour and strength they showed led to Vrogak'Gorkil making this decision. Upon hearing of this the Kharajyr and Dwarves intrigued and created a plan which involved a Dwarven Ambush at the Kharajyr Settlement. 20,000 Dwarves alongside 10,000 Kharajyr garrisoned the underground fortress as a mere 20,000 Orcs stormed it under the command of Rex Vrogak'Gorkil. This was yet again another crushing victory for Rex Vrogak'Gorkil as the Dwarven Forces had been shattered, alongside the slaughter of the

Siege of the Gorkil Fort

50,000 Dwarves alongside 50,000 Humans, allied in an oath of blood marched upon the Gorkil Fort, prepared for a siege. A mere 20,000 Orcs held their ground, garrisoned within the Fort under the Command of Rex Vrogak'Gorkil. The siege, outnumbered heavily and under severe fire from the East and West the Humans and Dwarves bombarded the fort with trebuchets and volleys as the Orcs stood inside the Fort. 35,000 Humans alongside 25,000 Dwarves perished in the battle, the fort, collapsed from the heavy fire it took left in ruin as Orcish Forces scattered and regrouped. The 'ankle-biters' were invented for this siege.

Battle of the Sand

In an effort to route the scattered Orc Warbands after the Siege of the Gorkil Fort, the Empire of Oren and the Kingdom of Urguan launched a full scale assault on the vast Orcish Desert. A foolish mistake as Rex Vrogak'Gorkil grouped his forces within the Ugluk Fort and split them up into several units of 500-700 troops. The small parties of the Orcs distracted the powerful legions of the Dwarves and lured them into traps where the Orcs charged them, leading them to be unprepared and slaughtered, before quickly retreating and regrouping. Not having the numbers to meet the Dwarves and Humans in open field Rex Vrogak'Gorkil devised this plan and pushed back the Dwarven advance. The Humans established camp and waited during the night near a mountain on the Southern Borders of the Orcish Desert. Rex Vrogak'Gorkil took his full force with him after routing the Dwarves and attacked the Human encampment settled in the lands unsuspectingly, and surprised the unprepared forces of Men. The Humans rallied and charged which led to Rex Vrogak'Gorkil again reintroducing the tactics he used against the Dwarves to push back the Humans also.

This resistance was crucial in the survival of the Orcs as if it had not been successful the Orcish Desert would have collapsed under the large and powerful forces of Oren and Urguan.


The Orcs prepared the Warship as time had come yet again to travel away from the lands of Elysium in hope for a better future. The Warship landed upon an island to regroup and gather resources, the Isles of Kalos. The Dwarves neighboured them to the left as the Humans settled directly in front, surrounded. The Orcs swiftly began constructing fortifications and defences. The Feudal Islands of Kalos enveloped another, unclaimed Island which was referred to as the 'Badlands', the Orcs had claimed the Badlands for themselves and ruled it with full effect. The Teutonic Order marched 15,000 Men in order to reclaim a portion, bordering their lands which was repelled swiftly by the Orcish forces. The Orcs established a fort on the Badlands to assert their rule over the disputed Island.

Raid of the Halflings

Rex Vrogak'Gorkil heard news of a Halfling festival being held on their Island and gathered his men and set sail towards the Halfling Island, 15,000 Orcs sailed strong towards the Island a cheery mix of music and dancing feet could be heard, food being roasted a rich aromatic smell filled the air as the Rex set foot on the soft soil beneath him. The Orcs charged in, ravaging the small houses, burning what they could. All the Halflings gathered in the center of the Island were roasted alive one by one and eaten by the Orcs. The smoke could be seen from miles as the Dwarven Legion arrived on the shores of the Island, realizing the Orcs were raiding they established themselves on the shore and began organizing their troops. Before they could do so effectively, the scouts of Rex Vrogak'Gorkil had already seen them. Resulting in a pre-emptive strike on the 20,000 Dwarven Legionnaires crushing through their ranks and causing them to retreat back to their Mountain-Stronghold.

Raid of the Kharajyr Island

Vrogak'Gorkil had not forgotten about the Kharajyr and wanted to punish them even more for their actions. 25,000 Orcs sailed towards the Kharajyr Island, Vrogak'Gorkil resting atop his throne on on the ship, overlooking the Orcs fiercely rowing the ship. A Horde of 25,000 Orcs descended upon the Kharajyr Island a thick jungle prevented manoeuvrability however they still maintained their position and burned as much of the Kharajyr lands as they could, looted their precious gems and jewels and slaughtered 10,000 Kharajyr including the cub of their Leader. The Dwarves being pleaded for aid by the Kharajyr arrived with a strong host of soldiers, around 20,000. Outnumbered, the Dwarves suffered a defeat however the Orcs did not leave unpunished. The thick jungle prevented manoeuvrability and prevented the Orcs from utilizing their abilities. The Dwarves lost, however the Orcs lost many men during this raid.


Rising of the War-Nation

Rex Vrogak'Gorkil had revolutionized the Orcs in every way. Culturally, combatively and politically. The Orcs were far more formidable and powerful now, and this called upon a new age. Vrogak'Gorkil had established new laws, and a new doctrine for the Race of Orcs to follow. This was the development of the War-Nation, more than just a name, it was what it meant now. The ideology of the War Nation was thrown about since Asulon, however it was now, under Vrogak'Gorkil that it had became a reality. The Orcish Desert of San'Orka bordered by the Jungles of Mak'Nam was meant to be the next home of the Orcs in Anthos.

Battle of the Ugluk Fort

Rex Vrogak'Gorkil with a mere 25,000 Orcs held the Ugluk Fort in defense against 80,000 Dwarves. The siege lasted two consecutive months which eventually led to the Dwarven victory. The 25,000 Orcs brought down to mere hundreds as they retreated, with 80,000 Dwarves brought down to 11,000. The Battle settled the end of the War as the Dwarven sorcery led them to a victory against the Orcs. The Ugluk fort had been lost, and Rex Vrogak'Gorkil decided it was time for him to depart from the lands of Anthos as he did. Several of his loyal Orcs, unhappy with his decision, chose upon a new Rex, Rak'Yak the Rex who fled. Rak'Yak had stole all the wealth of the War Nation and departed, this crippled the Orcs even further and led to their demise. Rex Vrogak'Gorkil had left and roamed the lands of Anthos, ashamed by his defeat.


The Rekindling of the Orcs

The Orcs, now a council-based nation, scattered and not unified. Rex Vrogak'Gorkil looked upon the Savannah as he returned yet again to the Orcs. Much had changed, his brothers from past, now dead. New clans and new faces. The War Nation had dissolved into non existence. Vrogak'Gorkil took it upon himself to declare himself as the Rex of the Orcs, yet again. He looked upon the Clan Chiefs and Wargoths to see if anyone objected to his rule. Non did. Vrogak'Gorkil began on his mission to rebuild the Orcish Race and did so effectively, by first constructing Kodar'Goi, the capital of the Orcs. This provided a unified and centralized homeland for all the Orcs, and re-established unity amongst the Orcs. Vrogak'Gorkil then introduced a new ideology to the Orcs, the Iron Uzg, a fragment of the War Nation brought back into a rekindled spirit to provide infrastructure for the Orcish Nation. Reviving Orcish Culture yet again.

War of the Beard

A dwarf of the name Hogarth Irongut, who was an old and respected dwarf, had been wandering in the lands of the Uzg. The Rex Vrogak'Gorkil found him, outraged that a dwarf would roam his lands without any care, cutting off his beard. Another dwarf by the name of Skippy Irongut had also been wandering in the Uzg, and his beard met the same fate as Hogarth's. The dwarves heard of this, and this only heightened tensions between the two nations until a war broke out.

Battle of the Marsh

40,000 Orcs Marched through the Marshy Swamps bordering the Savannah as the rain heavily poured down. They were met by 50,000 Dwarves. This then pursued into a battle of the Marsh which would then allow the Orcs to go past and enter into the lands of the Grandaxe Village. The Dwarves slaughtered entirely, with only a few hundred Orcs dead. The Legion of Dwarves fell hard, several Dwarves retreated upon seeing their kin slaughtered as the waters of the Swamp ran red with the blood of Dwarves. The new Orcs that had not known much of the previous Rex now trusted him as he had proven himself yet again to those he commanded.

Siege of the Grandaxe Village

Vrogak'Gorkil led his forces through the rough, frozen seas of the Dwarves to settle siege-camp on the north-eastern borders of the Grandaxe Village, the village now converted into a fortress had been bombarded with Orcish Siege Weaponry as large rocks pounded against the formidable Dwarven Defences. Rex Vrogak'Gorkil stood, watching patiently as on his flank a sub-division of Humans rallied and charged the Orcish Encampment. As Rex Vrogak'Gorkil dispatched a unit of his men to deal with the flank, the Dwarves sallied out from the front enveloping the Siege Camp. The Orcs fought fiercely however eventually fell as the Dwarven Forces, far greater than theirs, overrun their encampment. Rex Vrogak'Gorkil pulled back his troops and regrouped at Kodar'Goi.