Wandering Souls

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Wandering Souls are players who have not yet been accepted into Lord of the Craft mainstream gameplay. Anyone who logs on to Lord of the Craft who has not yet been whitelisted will be a Wandering Soul. Wandering Souls are in creative mode, although they cannot give items to accepted members. They can fly, and use this to observe the roleplay and landscape of the server. Accepted members cannot see or hear Wandering Souls except in rare cases, and Wandering Souls are sometimes roleplayed as ghosts. To become an accepted member a Wandering Soul can apply for acceptance to the server on the forums.

The Wandering Soul Chat is the only chat accessible to Wandering Souls. Accepted members can enter with /join ws to aid the Wandering Souls. Abuse of the channel is bannable.

In Aegis Wandering Souls could not fly. The plug-in was removed at the beginning of Asulon and eventually reinstated.