War Nation of Krugmar

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Warnation of Krugmar
Standard of Krugmar
Capital: San'Kala
Languages: Blah
Old Blah
Religion: Shamanism
Government: Dictatorship
Rex Falum'Lur
Targoth Zabgub'Gorkil
Yazgurtan Falum'Lur

Established following the deposition of the Rex, Kulgarok, the War Nation of Krugmar rose from the ashes of a failed confederation of the Orcish peoples. The decision to once again unify beneath the banners of Krug did not come as a difficult one to make for much of the Orcish leadership as they understood that together the Orcs could be unconquerable. After defeating the false Rex in open combat before several of his brethren, Drokon’Ugluk legitimately ascended to the throne of Rex. Following his failures as Rex, Drokon'Ugluk willingly stood down from the position in favor of the young Wargoth Orgoth'Braduk who gladly took the position. However, Orgoth in his youth and as a consequence of his lack of experience failed in his leadership of the War Nation standing down after a short tenure to be replaced by the former Rex, Rex Gurak'Yar. Gurak was popular for a time however some clans saw Gurak as weak and a poor leader, most notably Clan Raguk and Clan Braduk, after he had taken the life of the unconscious Wargoth, Chek'Lur, which some viewed as an unjust execution. Gurak decided, as his predecessor did, to step down from the mantle of Rex to be replaced by Kulgarok once more. Kulgarok's incumbency was short lived and was deposed by Hu-din'Dom and Eath'Lur both claiming that Kulgarok was tainting the War Nation with dark magic and dark shamans. Eath resolved the conflict by fighting Kulgarok for the position of Rex, successfully defeating the blue Orc and becoming Rex. Eath'Lur quickly resigned, leading to the rise of Kuntklobbera’Raguk. He resigned after a lengthy reign and went on a pilgrimage. U'la'Yar became Rex afterwards. However, soon after, the U'la'Yar was executed by elven Prince Kairn Ithelanen of the Dominion of Malin and Kuntklobbera regained the Rexdom.



The War Nation of Krugmar was established by Kulgarok, a former Rex, after the dissolution of the Iron Uzg at the hands of the Holy Orenian Emperor John II. His claim was quickly challenged by Drokon'Ugluk, who lost, was sent into exile, and handed the title of Rex over to Drokon.




Rex: Morlak'Lak

The leader and figurehead of the War Nation of Krugmar, the Rex rules with the authority of Krug himself, acting as his enforcer in the current era. He will ensure that the laws of the War Nation are upheld while holding absolute control over its internal affairs. In most diplomatic proceedings, the Rex will represent the War Nation when conducting missions concerning foreign policy. Without a Rex, there is no Krugmar.

Targoth: Zabgub'Gorkil

Leader of the Orc Military, the Targoth controls all things war and strategy of Krugmar. The Targoth is responsible for managing the logistics of the military, including planning out war games and training sessions.

Yazgurtan: Falum'Lur

The workhorse of Krugmar, the Yazgurtan oversees Krugmar’s workforce and ensures that the coffers are full, the armory is stocked, and provisions are at a surplus. The Yazgurtan is the chief of Krugmar’s logistics. The Yazgurtan's assigns Orcs working roles based on what best suits them and ensure that they are providing for Krugmar.

Narishgoth: N/A

As ambassador and overseer of infrastructure as appointed by the Rex, the Narishgoth conducts diplomacy and relation-building activities. The Narishgoth's tasks also extend to constructing buildings, overseeing the management of the Trog, working hand-in-hand with the Yazgurtan in receiving materials for these buildings while also acting as Krugmar's steward.

Succession of the Rex

A new Rex is crowned by, and only by, succeeding in a klomp. In the past, it was only the Dominus who could directly challenge the Rex for the title. However, due to the abolition of that position, the ability to challenge the Rex to a klomp has been opened up to anyone that holds or has held the title of Wargoth, Targoth, or Yazgurten, and have never been considered a whitewash.

Should an Orc who meets these criteria want to issue a challenge for Rexdom, a council will be convened consisting of the Wargoths, the Targoth, the Yazgurten, and the High Shaman. They will discuss the claim and discern the character of the Orc and whether they believe he or she would be apt for the title. Due to the fact that their claim is being assessed by fellow members of Orcish society, it is important for the Orc to be held in high regard if he or she wants to get the klomp approved. A claim is considered approved when, after at least an hour of discussion, at least three-fourths of those in the council have agreed to approve the request. Anyone who would be in these councils but vies for Rexdom will sit out from the council regarding their own challenge.

It is within the power of the Rex, for whatever reason, to nominate an Orc for a klomp who does not meet the requirements listed. However, an Orc that receives the nomination is not required to challenge the Rex. Orcs who do challenge the Rex through this method still need to be approved by the council. The Rex is forbidden from klomping his nominee, and instead, a champion will be elected by the council to fight in the Rex’s place.

Shamans will face a much higher amount of scrutiny than most other Orcs. The council must decide whether or not they will be able to rule properly, or if their devotion to the Spirits will interfere with their judgment, as a Rex’s focus should be first and foremost on the nation and its people.

If the Rex dies or abdicates, all who wish to claim the title and have been approved by the council will fight each other in a series of klomps until they have all fought each other, with the Orc winning the most klomps earning the title. In the case of a tie between two of the claimants, the victor of the klomp between them will succeed as Rex. If there is only one claimant to the throne, a champion will be elected.

Appointment of Advisors

The Targoth and Yazgurtan will be appointed directly by the Rex and should they step down or die in office, the Rex will appoint their replacements.




Clans are a cohort of Orcs whom have taken a particular ancestor, spirit or ideology as their namesake, to represent themselves as a collective. There are many great clans within the Uzg, Clans of Legend- Gorkil, Yar, Lur- all reputed clans that have been recorded in antiquity innumerably. Clans of which great leaders have stemmed.

Warchiefs Clans

Wargoth clans are the most fabled and prestigious clans who have become staple in the nation. They are active and contribute not only manpower but resources and intelligence as well. To be a Wargoth clan, the respective clan must be well established, well known, have high numbers and contribute to the Uzg's efforts as a whole. A Wargoth is an Orc to be respected for they have gone through grueling trials and tribulations to have their clan achieve that rank. However, the title of Wargoth is not permanent, and it can be removed should the clan fall out of favor and cease to contribute or fall too low on numbers.

Current Warchief Clans:

Clan Raguk

The unbroken of Clan Raguk, a notoriously merciless band of behemoth, hardy uruks, and their equally fearsome larger olog counterparts. Their hide is stained with a deep red hue, much akin to the blood that smears their palms, or the molten blood-steel that comprises their weaponry. The bloodlust and militaristic prowess that naturally sears through their bulging veins grants them a bloody reputation that rivals the other clans.

Warchieff: Nagg'Raguk

Clan Braduk

The name of the Braduk clan is one steeped in blood and brutality. Legend tells of the grim, dark giants of the orcish race, their judgment swift and mercy fleeting. brothers and sisters beyond blood and oath, theirs is a bond etched with fire upon the iron of their souls, a bond shared with their steeds, the mighty rhinos whose calls are as thunder in the night.

Warchief Kahn'Braduk

Clan Lur

The Lurs are not footmen, they are hunters. The hunt is the most important thing for a Lur and to prove themselves in the hunt is what all young lurs wish to do. The Lurs have a bond to the great Lur wolves. The great Lur wolves are huge beast that only obey the Lur clan.

Warchief: Falum'Lur

Clan Gorkil

Ever since the unification of the orcish people, few names has stayed as constant as the name Gorkil. Renowned for their honor and ferocity in battle, they have been called by some the ‘prime orc’ - strong and honorable, but in return incredibly prone to their own bloodlust. Fueled by pride and a passion for combat, the clan has stood as a pillar of not just orcish society, but the world.

Warchief: Shakul'Gorkil

Clan Yar

The Yar clan was founded in late Anthos by the shaman, Malog, in honor of his great great great grandfather, Yar. the duhnah skhelll, a giant man-eating desert tortoise, is their symbol, and is used by this clan to represent wisdom and lethality. While still valuing strength as all orcish clans, the yar clan has always placed a special emphasis on wisdom and spirituality. A member of the Yar clan is expected to seek a firm understanding of life. He must strive to be as yar was: a source of wisdom for his people.

Warchief: Fauth'Yar

Clan Lak

Founded by the elder shaman and Ex-Rex known as Shreck, Lak was formed after clan dom saw a mass of emigration due to the dishonorable actions of Rusk'Dom the Liberator. Though initially seen with disdain, the brutish, savage clan has since contributed greatly and is viewed with respect in their endless service to Laklul. Lak serves Laklul through a variety of ways such as sacrifice or the raising of totems and destruction of rivals', garnering support in favour of Laklul in the spiritual realm.

Warchief: Morlak'Lak



There are many arts in orcish culture, varied from guttural, tribalistic rituals to industrialized, militaristic traditions. One of the most important arts in Krugmar is 'The Klomp'. This is a tradition valued by some even more than their lives. This tradition is also known as might makes right. If two orks had a dispute or disagreed about a matter, one would call for an Honor Klomp, where it is believed that the spirits chose the victor through deciding who is more just in the matter.

Visual Arts


It is a common stereotype that orks do not bother themselves with music. This is a lie, there have been multiple sources where the Redskinned Behemoths known as Raguks spoke of a 'Red Choir', which sang songs of both Krugmar, and the clan. Other orks often know words made for orkish heroes such as Krug or Rax.





One of the most important aspects of Krugmar is Shamanism, a magic wherein those devout in worshiping the Spirits learn to harness the power of the Spirits. Shamans act as wise men and scholars among the Orcs and are looked towards for advice or to help receive the Spirits' blessing before a battle.



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