War of Grudges

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The War of Grudges
Siege of The Krag.jpg
The beginning of the Siege of the Krag, 1610
Date: 1607-1612
Location: Norland
Result: Peace treaty formed by both sides
Kingdom of Norland and Allies:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Dunamis Mercenaries (from 1610)
Grand Kingdom of Urugan and Allies:
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar
Hanseti Arms.png The Teutonic Order
Dunamis Mercenaries (until 1610)
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Norland and Allies:
norland.png Donovan Ruric, High King of Norland
Grand Kingdom of Urugan and Allies:
Urguan Emblem.png Bastion Ireheart, Grand King of Urguan

The War of Grudges was a war fought in 1607-1612, between the Kingdom of Norland and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The conflict started in 1607 after Norlandic Soldiers killed several Dwarves belonging to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The war would rage on for six long years before ending at the crushing Dwarven defeat at The Second Siege of the Krag with a peace treaty.


The War of the Grudges started in 1607 after the slaughter of several dwarves by the hands of the Kingdom of Norland. Many historians believed the War stemmed from multiple feuds that the Grand Kingdom of Urguan had held several decades prior. Later that same year, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan formed several alliances with the Teutonic Order, and the Grand Horde of Dunamis, before declaring war on the Kingdom of Norland. Causing the beginning of The War of Grudges.

Major Confrontations


  • 1607:
  • 1608:
    • The two armies met on a field in a battle that would be known as the Battle of Blodskogr, resulting in a decisive Urugan victory
  • 1609:
    • Urugani Legions march towards Small Fort, where there was a small garrison of Norlandic soldiers, being surrounded by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and allies.
    • Later that year Norland would suffer a defeat being swarmed by members of the Horde of Dunamis, during the Siege of Small Fort
  • 1610:
    • Norland would retreat to it’s capital of the Krag, a fortress located near the Silver State of Haelun’or. The combined forces would besiege the Fortress. Donovan Ruric would outpay the Grand King in hiring the Dunamis Mercenaries
    • The Grand Kingdom of Urguan would begin the assault on the Norlandic capital of The Krag, resulting in a surprising Norlandic victory in a battle known as the Siege of The Krag.
  • 1611:
    • After the devastating loss of the first Siege of the Krag, the Dwarven armies regroup and assault the Fortress a second time, in a battle known as the Second Siege of The Krag, again resulting in a surprising victory for the Norlanders
  • 1612:
    • After failing to take The Krag twice, The two nations finally signed peace after six years of bloodshed.