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The Wiki-Rulebook was created to ensure the safety of our Wiki and the protection of your Wiki-Pages. As such every person, which owns a Wiki-Account, is required to follow this codex of rules.

General Wiki Rules

  • Accounts are to be checked frequently on a three month period to ensure you are actively using the account; If we find you are inactive, we will contact you about further measurements.
  • We are an English speaking community and, as such, your edits must be in English and in a legible font.
  • Measured criticism is welcome. Provocation, insults, and personal remarks are punishable.
  • Memes are prohibited on the Wiki. The Wiki is a source for new players to gain information about the server, as such, we do not allow any forms of false information.
  • Images/videos must comply with the LotC content policy. Graphic content is not permitted.
  • Biased behavior of any way or form is not allowed on the Wiki. The Wiki is meant to be a neutral and unbiased database for new players to read about the server.
  • Plagiarism is prohibited in any way or form.
  • Posting on behalf of a permabanned player is a form of ban evading and is prohibited.
  • Do not advertise or solicit anywhere on the Wiki.
  • Use common sense. Just because it isn’t listed in the rules doesn’t mean it’s ok.

Wiki Page Rules

  • Do not post any irrelevant Wiki-Pages. Such pages take up valuable space on our server and can mislead new players. If you are unsure if your Wiki-Page is of big enough relevance feel free to contact a Wiki-Team Member or a Community-Team Member.
  • Update any old pages with their new Backbones, which can be found in the new Wiki-Guide. Excluded from such rule are already existing character-pages, existing family-pages and existing race-pages. If you are unsure if you need to edit the Backbone of a page feel free to contact a member of the Wiki-Team.
  • Do not create or edit Backbones, Formats or Template by yourself. Always create a Wiki-Team-Ticket on the New Player Discord and let them handle the creation of such.
  • Do not add any unnecessary Categories to your Wiki-Pages. The Categories should only be added if really applicable.
  • Do not edit any lore-related pages without the consent of the Wiki-Team or Lore-Team, unless you created them. Such pages include racial pages, magic pages, and figure pages.
  • Do not remove information from a page without recording it properly.
  • To qualify for a character page on the Lord of the Craft-Wiki, your character must have been an integral part in the tapestry of the world, a character that may well be known by groups of people. As such, only characters who have been the leaders of influential groups and nations, been a critical part of the development of world history or culture, or were instrumental in a field of knowledge, lore, or magic, are qualified to hold a character page. In addition, we require those pages to follow the correct backbone format, laid out in the Wiki-Guide.


Upon breaking the Wiki-Rules an individual will be punished according to their wrongdoings. Most of the time an individual will receive a Warning from the Wiki-Team or Community-Team, yet, upon being warned twice the player will lose their account on the third rule breaking. From here onwards their account will be deleted and they can re-apply for a new account after 8 weeks. If the player breaks the rules again, after they regained their account, the player will permanently lose their account and will be blacklisted and barred from gaining a new account again.