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This is a small handbook and the do’s and dont’s of the wiki. There will be rules, suggestions, and tips that need to be understood before edits to the Wiki are made.


  • Breaking these rules can lead to a suspension or ban of your account.
    • Don’t make trolly edits - If it isn’t serious, leave it out.
    • Don’t show bias - Never show bias, whether it be for you or against you, even if the thing did something really bad, try to make it sound as unbiased as possible. In the extremely rare cases where bias is unavoidable ensure that it is clear to the reader that there is bias involved.
    • Record Changes - Always record what changes you are making in the summary bar - the more specific, the better. This is required.
    • Don’t post inappropriate material - Basically explicit material.
    • Avoid making irrelevant pages - This isn’t a major one, but if you make irrelevant wiki pages, like cookies, etc. You’ll have your account disabled.
    • Character pages are allowed but... - When you make a character page please put ({Characters}} on the page! Also put your character in the character category by doing ([Category:Characters]].
    • Use common sense - Just because it isn’t listed in the rules doesn’t mean it’s ok.
    • Having free access to the Wiki is a privilege. Any abuse will result in a ban or punishment.
    • No authors on pages - Wiki pages are collaborative efforts. Even if one user's the only person to contribute to a page, they shouldn't have their name down on it as the author.

Suggestions and Tips

  • Take into account these tips to help improve your page!
    • Backbones - Backbones are great and are a requirement when creating and updating pages. They keep pages consistent. They also make editing much much easier. **Backbones can be found here.
    • Preview - Always preview your work before posting it - this saves you time when editing, and saves the Wiki Team time when looking through logs! The preview button is right next to the post button.
    • Summarize - As stated in the rules, always document what changes you are making in the summary bar.
    • Pictures - Pictures help spruce up your page. It breaks up your words and makes the page easier to read.
    • If you ever need help with working on the wiki, contact a Wiki Team member to help you!
    • You can also view the Special Pages to see different options that you can use to do different things.
    • Try to get as much information as possible into a page in a concise manner.
    • If you have a template and are moving an article over into it, try not to copy and paste it. Instead, make it fit the formatting so it looks nicer.

Basic Formatting Guide

  • Check out the Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wiki Page!
  • Use these to make your page better!
    • [[name](]) automatically creates a hyperlink to another page on the wiki. Example: Farfolk
    • [weblink text] creates a website link that is displayed by the text. Example: [ Lord of the Craft] displays “Lord of the Craft” as a link.
    • ’’text’’ italicizes (2 on each side). ‘’’Text’’’ bolds (3). ‘’’’’Text’’’’’ bolds and italizes (5).
    • =text= creates the highest level heading. ==text== creates a 2nd level heading, and so on.
    • When transferring from a Google Doc or MS Word file apostrophes (‘) sometimes do not copy correctly and need to be re-entered.
    • Always use backbones.