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This page contains the current list of priorities for pages that need to be completed or updated. The list shall be updated frequently. If you are unsure of what to work on, simply choose something from here. If anything needs to be altered, simply post a suggestion on the talk page.

The list is loosely based on a few factors:

  • Relevancy to new players
  • Visibility from front page
  • Importance of information

Official Priority List

Top Priority

  1. Write Races Wiki page. Very important.
  2. Write New Player Guide Histories for Athera and Vailor
  3. Write Dark Dwarves Wiki page.
  4. Finish Vailor History
  5. Update and Correct Deity Magic
  6. Re-haul Magic page introduction
  7. Check that all pages under Mechanics on the front page are up to date
  8. Revamp Aegis page
  9. Add dark elven and snow elven history to the Elves history summary
  10. Update Ascended and Ascended Magic
  11. Finish Axios History
  12. Keep Atlas History updated

Medium Priority

  1. Finish Warhawkes history
  2. Create character pages for those listed on Notable Characters to begin phasing out this page
  3. Add pre-Athera Elves history
  4. Combine Elementalist into Elementalism
  5. Combine Krugmar into War Nation of Krugmar
  6. Create House of Winter page
  7. Add parts about aging and breeding to Ferals

Low Priority

  1. Update Haelun'or History and Expand Asulon/Anthos
  2. Update Wilven Sanctuary Monks
  3. Go through stubs and finish them