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The Wilds, also called The Wilderness, refers to lands not protected by the borders of a nation where anyone can build or engage in PVP combat within the server rules. There is no building or land protection in the Wilds, but griefing and scarring of landscape are bannable offences. These are still considered dangerous lands to inhabit or journey through as bandits and monsters are more common there.

While there is no protection in the wilds, it is not uncommon to find cities, towns or nations made by members. These cities often have cheaper (but smaller) land and houses for sale as well as inns and shops, living here however can become unpleasant due to the distance from the main cities.

By Realm

In Aegis the wilds encompassed nearly all areas around the King's Road not claimed by settlements. They also stretched for a great distance, allowing them to be exploited easily.

In the Verge the wilds were almost all land not around the entrance to the realm, similar to Aegis.

In Asulon most of the realm was protected and the wilds were a great distance away. Although this preserved the natural beauty of the lands it also made resource gathering a long and tedious process.

In Elysium most of the island was considered the wilds. In Kalos the wilds were set on their own small island between those belonging to the races. These were known as the badlands, as rules surrounding villainous activity and PVP were relaxed. The badlands are usually considered the most dangerous wilds of all.

In Anthos the wilds are almost solely on an island off the main landmass. A ship connects the Wilds to the mainland. To board the ship one must leave the Cloud Temple of Anthos through the main gates and travel east on the Anthos Highway, following the signs to the Nations Crossing. From there do not go to any racial homeland but continue east on the Highway, still following the signs. Eventually there is a large, flat plains area with a sandy desert beyond. The docks that the Wilds Ship is moored alongside is located there.

In The Fringe the wilds consisted of nearly the entire map for a period of time, with the later exception being cities. This resulted in large amounts of building and the map soon became filled with buildings.

In Thales the wilds were similar to The Fringe, with the exception of spawn and special plots which could be claimed and protected. Unlike The Fringe, Thales was not built up to a large extent.

In Athera the beginning of the wilds is marked by mountain ranges of rich red clay that surround the Kingdoms.


Mining in the wilds has always been restricted with fewer ores then are found in established mines. In Aegis this meant one could only mine to a limited depth before the ground became too hard to continue mining. In Anthos, the limited number of ores means that mining in the wilds is restricted almost solely to cobblestone.