Zahrer Irongrinder

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Zahrer Irongrinder
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"“He who strives in his power to share it with everyone is weakened, but he is more powerful than all else.””

Lord of The Citadel of Arcadia
Reign: 1488 to
Predecessor: Vorstag Ireheart
Frist Successor: Hodir Doomforged
Second Successor: Frerir Irongrinder
Born: 21th of the First Seed, 1171
Spouse: Riddeth Thunderfist
Parents: Roark Irongrinder, Caitlin Irongrinder
Children: Frerir Irongrinder, Aries Irongrinder, Relel Irongrinder and Zinny Irongrinder

Zahrer Irongrinder, Lord of The Citadel of Arcadia and Arch-Runelord of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Renowned for both his leading abilities and his engineering. A veteran of the Dwarven nation that his accomplishment earned him to be a Hero of the Brathmordakin.

Early Life

Zahrer Irongrinder's birthplace is unknown, just like his child years. Zahrer appeared on the Isles of Elysium and Kalos after a long pilgrimage. He joins the Legion under the banners of Grand Marshal Thorin Grandaxe.Fought a lesser known siege to take an orc fortress, which later became known as Kazad’Urkus, prior to the descendents’ departure from the Isles.


Zahrer's skills and tactics helped him to raise quickly throught the ranks and was then promoted to the position of Lieutenant following his fight against the orcs in the Siege of Ugluk Fort. He finally reunites with his brothers and together they reform Clan Irongrinder. Together they spend much time focusing on reestablishing themselves as a clan and acquire a great deal of wealth in a fairly short amount of time. They purchase the largest clan hall available to them in the capital of Kal’Azgoth and continue to flourish. He then was promoted to the position of Commander just before the beginning of the Great War, or Thorin’s War. In the meanwhile, Zahrer marries Riddeth Thunderfist. With this the Clans Irongrinder and Thunderfist are briefly united under the name Thunderblade before the clan takes the name Irongrinder again some years later. The two are happily married for several years and have several children before Riddeth succumbs to the plague. He leads and fights in many of the defenses and raids prior to the Battle of Snow. Then he fights in the Battle of Snow/Battle of the Crossroads under the direct command of Grand King Thorin Grandaxe. Continues to fight and successfully lead troops against the Orenian Invaders until the final peace conference at the Cloud Temple Library where Thorin uses “The Torch” to burn the Orenian peace terms. Salvus surrenders within two stone hours. And the remainder of Oren surrenders within the next few stone days. Zahrer becomes Grand Marshal following his success in the Great War while his cousin Dizzy is given the title of Lord. After the coronation of his cousin Dizzy Irongrinder, Zahrer becomes a Lord. As Lord and Grand Marshal, Zahrer leads the legion in the Sacking of Kingston after Salvus secedes from the Grand Kingdom. This ultimately ends in the fall of Salvus. As Clan Irongrinder moves with the rest of the Dwarves to the new capital of Kal’Ithrun, the clan discovers their affinity and prowess for engineering in the construction of traps and triggers that remain a model to this day of proper defensive strategy. Zahrer, alongside Dreek Ireheart and some orcs, take back the golem anvil that had been stolen by the High Elves decades prior. Zahrer and his commanders successfully repel multiple attacks by orcs and humans alike on the capital as another minor war breaks out with the Kingdom of Renatus and the Dominion of Krugmar. Zahrer runs for Kingship alongside Kjell Ireheart, Indago Stormhammer, and Dreek Ireheart. Indago Stormhammer wins. This will not be the last time Zahrer runs for the Kingship though. Zahrer skillfully commands the legion in repelling an invasion of cave leeches as well as Orenian raiders as another war breaks out between the Grand Kingdom and the newly reformed Empire of Oren. Lord Zahrer and Lord Onar take a team of engineers to seal of Kal’Azgoth, escaping through Thorin’s secret passage when the Feral Elves attempt to stop them. He then leads the construction of Thoringrad, a continental sea wall built with the purpose of defending the south from the UAC. Zahrer leads many of the skirmishes and raids surrounding what became known as The Trench Wars. Zahrer helps to build many of the traps that help the Dwarves win the Battle of Indagolf. He again runs for king against Wulfgar Grandaxe, Verrik Grandaxe, and Onar Ireheart. Wulfgar Grandaxe wins.

The Fringe and Thales

The clan moves with the rest of the Dwarves to the new capital of Kal’Arkon in the Fringe. Border disputes between the Grand Kingdom and Oren lead to an eventual small skirmish where Zahrer leads the legion and some orcish militants in routing the human forces. He leads many of the skirmishes and raids in the Zion war against Oren, also known as the Fringe War. Zahrer then serves as Lord Regent following Wulfgar’s resignation from Grand King. Elections are again held and Zahrer, Hogarth Irongut, and Thelkan Grandaxe run for kingship. Hogarth Irongut wins. Zahrer resigns from the position of Grand Marshal after nearly half a century of military service in the position. He names Fimlin Grandaxe as his successor. It is around this time in the Fringe that Zahrer Irongrinder begins the Age of Industry for the Dwarves. A multitude of factories are built across Grand Kingdom lands for every purpose including armor production and battery farming. The Dwarven economy flourishes. Zahrer builds a variety of forts including much of Fort Onar and all of Fort Kjellingrad. Zahrer builds an entirely new style of ballista which is then used to kill Setherian. Another election is held in which Vorstag Grandaxe, Jorik Grandaxe, and Fimlin Grandaxe run for kingship. Zahrer and Hogarth Irongut abstain. Yet another election is held some time later and Zaher nominates Lathros “Oilbeard” Irongrinder. (Too many Elections I know -Ioannis). The clan moves to the new capital of Kal’Klad when the descendents move to Thales. Zahrer passes from Lordship as the system is replaced with a Clan Thanes Council. Zahrer then assists in the construction of a new class of steam ship which is then sailed to Athera.


The dwarves settle the lands of Athera and shortly after another election takes place. Zahrer nominates Lathros. Lathros runs against Grunmin Starbreaker, Fimlin Grandaxe, Onar Ireheart, and Balek Irongut. Fimlin Grandaxe wins. Zahrer becomes Thane briefly before giving the position to Samgrun Irongrinder. It was here that Zahrer was named High Remembrancer of the Grand Kingdom. He serves in the position for some time until he is kidnapped by the Ironborn. Held prisoner and tortured for nearly a decade, he escapes and gathers his old friends. Together, with the relics of an old dwarven hero, they arrive in time to help purge the Ironborn and their Undead ilk from the capital city which had been taken during his time as a prisoner. Another election takes place following the death of Vorstag Ireheart and the reclamation of the relics of Urguan. Ognar Grandaxe, Zahrer, Dizzy Irongrinder, and Balek Irongut run. The election comes impossibly close, leading to a tie between Balek and Zahrer. In a ⅔ coin flip overseen by the High Prophet and the rest of the Grand Kingdom, Zahrer wins. Soon after the coronation, fighting breaks out between the human Kingdoms of Aesterwald and Akovia. Having a treaty with Aesterwald, Zahrer leads a massive contingency of legion and vassal troops to aid the Aesterwaldians in a battle between the two kingdoms in an Akovian border town. After a reckless charge by the defenders, the Akovians are routed into their fort. Lacking the equipment and supplies to sustain a siege, Zahrer orders the armies to pull back and better prepare themselves. Bringing up the rear of the army, a single Legion Grunt is wounded by a band of Akovian soldiers and Zahrer runs back alone, slaying three of them and protecting his wounded comrade from the rest. The remainder of the legion forces realize something is wrong and return in a flank to wipe out the remaining Akovians. Zahrer then declares war on the Kingdom of Akovia in the name of the Grand Kingdom on the basis of aiding their allies, Aesterwald, in a defensive war. A peace meeting is later held after several indecisive skirmishes and raids. Zahrer organizes a peace treaty between the Grand Kingdom and the Akovians following the fall of Aesterwald to magical detonation. Zahrer has a brief affair with a high elven woman. Still mourning the loss of his wife Riddeth, he marries the woman in the hopes that it would allow him to move on. Zahrer brings about the Lord System once more and names Hogarth Irongut, Dormin Doomforged, Akvar Ireheart, Uldar Irongut, and Lathros Irongrinder as new lords. After it is found that Gundin and Jorik Grandaxe have attacked his wife, the Lords Council meets for judgement. Zahrer orders the banishment of the two dwarves for a stone month. Having wanted the entire Grandaxe Clan banished, the Lords Council is angered and demands that Zahrer resigns. Rather than bring about a clan war, Zahrer resigns from Kingship. Angered by the betrayal of his council and clan allies, Zahrer takes the Relics of Urguan and, alongside many of his old friends, retires to an underground citadel somewhere in human lands. He is not alone in his actions as most of the Dwarven Kingdom leaves the capital to avoid the rule of the Lords Council. While more wars ensue in the Grand Kingdom, Zahrer spends the time in study and contemplation outside of Dwarven affairs. As the Kingdom again stabilizes, Balek Irongut rises to power and banishes Zahrer from the Grand Kingdom on the basis of theft of the relics of Urguan, requiring only that he return the relics and apologize to be unbanished. Shortly after this announcement is made, Zahrer returns the relics to Balek in private but does not seek the appeal of his banishment, choosing instead to remain outside of the Kingdom during his period to study and pilgrimage. Much time passes before Zahrer finally comes to Balek and has his banishment lifted. This comes just before the move to Vailor.


After dwarves settle in the lands of Vailor, a civil war errupts between Frostbeard rebels and Urguan. Zahrer fights beside Grand King Skippy Irongut against the Frostbeard Rebellion. He, a couple of warhawks, and some of his old friends hold the left flank against the entire rebellion force long enough for the main army to surround and route the enemy, winning the battle. Zahrer spends much time rebuilding Urguan’s lost navy. This includes the construction of a multitude of new steamship classes, including the largest steamship ever build, Da Kavir Kor. As a reward for extensive and glorious service to the Grand Kingdom, Clan Irongrinder is given land on the Isle of Avar where they construct Castle Jarnstrand of which Zahrer becomes Lord. The castle falls some time later due to the betrayal of House Ruric. And thus Zahrer's hatred for House Ruric began. Zahrer is then taught Runesmithing under the tutelage of Yeulf Irongut. As he begins to master the art, a daemonic creature known as the Dharok escapes from beneath the capital. The creature is eventually slain by the Rune Lords Zahrer and Yeulf when they build a runic bomb disguised as a relic and set it off when the creature eats it. Zahrer takes the entirety of the Dwarves in aboard the flagship of the Irongrinder Fleet, Da Kavir Kor. They use it to sail through the spirit realm and into Axios.


Zahrer presides over the next election for Grand King as Lord Regent, having been named to the position by Grand King Drynn Ireheart. Zahrer notes an acute lack of a place for magical arts to be properly practiced by Dwarves. Alongside other Rune Lords, he founds the Citadel of Arcadia on a large piece of land gifted to him by Grand King Drynn Ireheart as privately owned, non-Grand Kingdom land, following a massive donation of mina to the Grand Kingdom. Zahrer works for several decades alongside The Council of Arcadia to construct the Citadel of Arcadia, a massive city suspended amongst the clouds by the combined power of the Rune Lords. Together with The Council and experts in a variety of magical and arcane fields, he begins to teach the next generation of Dwarven magic users. While not teaching, much time is spent during this period making runic weapons which are sold abroad to bring in funding for the schooling and research within the new city. During this same time period, much effort is spent on combating the rising problem of Undead resurgence in the Isles of Axios. The Citadel of Arcadia becomes the foremost force for the Dwarves combat against the Undead. When The Grand Kingdom again comes to conflict against the Empire of Oren, Zahrer and the Council choose to remain neutral, electing instead to remain focused on their research and teachings. When it is found that there are members of House Ruric fighting alongside the Empire, Zahrer cheaply sells a dozen rune cannons to the Grand Kingdom and goes as far as to march alongside the rest of the legion in the fight against the Empire. In the final skirmish, he personally slays twenty of the Emperor’s Finest and emerges unscathed.


  • Lord of The Citadel of Arcadia.
  • Arch-Runelord of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and The Khaz’Lordak.
  • Master of The Kal’Varak.
  • Lord of Jarnstrand, Kjellingrad, Khaz’Varekan, and the Westmarch.
  • Hero of The Brathmordakin.
  • Father of Clan Irongrinder.
  • Arbiter of The Age of Industry.
  • Slayer of Setherian and The Dharok.
  • Former Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.
  • Grand Sorcerer of the Venerable and Elucidated Council of the Ebon Night of the Brethren of the Purple Eye, also known as The Third Order or The Council of The Worshipful Society of Wizards.
  • The Snow Elven Patron God of Unreasonable Warmongering.